Ocean City Off-Season

By: Robert J Banach | 01/28/14

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Ocean City Off-Season

In this year, 2014, Ocean City off-season has changed considerably since the 90’s when I was last here. At that time the majority of establishments were open, people where coming here year round. Now, it is a search to find what is open and if your fixing up your office, shop, restaurant, condo or apartment, you will find all the hardware, paint, and electrical stores open. Lot of construction going on, does it bode for the off-season to be coming back, well we know that everything goes in cycles, and I’m sure that this resort will come back to life.

Ocean City Convention Center - 100 Tables | Seats 1200Heck, with the Convention Center they have here, it can hold most any size group that comes to town and there are enough hotels open to handle the crowd, and I’m sure they would work a deal with you if you’re going to be filling the place up. The catering staff, Centerplate, will make sure you are taken care of for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well, and of course any beverages that may be desired. Contact the local Centerplate GM or Catering Manager – Click Here!

Now I did not have the opportunity to tour the entire Convention Center, but the couple rooms I did see, one seats 1,200, the other 2,400. The room for 1,200 was set up for a corporate dinner and looked quite elegant, and the view of the bay at sunset was spectacular.

For your smaller meeting…

Carousel Hotel Ice Skating Rink Ocean City MDLet’s take a look at the Carousel Oceanfront Hotel, with a number of locations in Ocean City, with the one on 118th Street and Coastal Hwy. having an ice skating rink in their lobby and the game room, ice cream shop and mini-carousel, the kids are set for the day, and probably the night as well. And, for the adults there is the bar and restaurant, and the food, well it is good to say the least.

Right down the street is the Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel, beautiful, and I can not do it justice, take a look for yourself.

Ocean City Off-Season; Open for Business

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