Ocean City Boardwalk: 2.5 Miles of Fun and Feasts

By: Robert J Banach | 01/29/14

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Ocean City Boardwalk

It is January 2014 and here is what the Ocean City Boardwalk looked like on this mornings stroll…

Ocean City Boardwalk; 13th St. Looking South Ripley's Believe It or Not! on the Ocean City Boardwalk
12th Street Boardwalk Beach Snow 12th Street Boardwalk benches covered in snow

Ocean City Boardwalk in January

Well, it’s not always like this here on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, but it just so happens that 2014 is the year of what has come to be called the Polar Vortex. Now, what exactly that means… your guess is as good as mine, though I did see a picture on TV that showed a squiggly circle over the Arctic Cap, where they said it is supposed to be round, is it magic, cycles or just a fluctuation, who knows, but this year we have gotten a lot of unusually cold weather. But, as I just moved here from Houston, TX, and they just got an ice storm, it is happening everywhere.

Malibu Surf Shop Ocean City Boardwalk Kite Loft Dolphins Bench Ocean City Boardwalk

As you can see one of my favorite surf shops, Malibu’s Surf Shop, was a little late opening up today, but FYI it will be open for you 365 days a year. In the other picture you will see the Kite Loft’s Dolphins bench covered in snow, so no break there today, but as it is quite nippy out, doubt I would have stopped anyway.

Was having too much fun taking pictures of all the great OC landscape to stop anyway. Love getting out, no matter what the weather, with my camera or smartphone to take pictures of what’s going on, or not going on, as the case may be.

On today’s journey I did run in to two people and a dog, and I tell you that dog was having more fun the any of us where, but guess my phone froze up, as the pix did not take. The other person I ran into was, also, out taking pix, so I’ll be looking for them, and will add the link if I find them.

Now, down at almost the end of the Boardwalk, just past Ripley’s Believe It or Not! are the always open Thrasher’s french fries and Cork Bar, but the snow held them back today as well, we’ll get you some pix of them soon.

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Year round, Ocean City and the Ocean City Boardwalk is just fun, great folks, great views…

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