Ocean City MD: Around Town, Pictures and More…

By: Robert J Banach Robert J Banach | Leadership Insights | 06/01/15

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Ocean City MD: Around Town, Pictures and More…

Welcome to Ocean City MD, the 2nd largest city in Maryland during the summer season, and for good reason. Ocean City is a family resort on the Eastern Shore where there is a lot going on; from rides, arcades, to windboarding, surfing, and hobie catting, sailing, motels and hotels galore (and more being built) and 2.5 miles of Boardwalk. This is the third time I have lived here, could not count the number of times I have visited, moving back again in January of 2014. And, I am looking forward to getting to know my old ‘new’ home town, as from what I have seen this first week here, it has gone through many changes since the late ’90’s, and many things are just the same, thank goodness!

Sunrise over Ocean City MD, Jan. 2014 Sunset over Ocean City MD, looking south towards the pier


You will find on the following pages my pictures and stories of Ocean City MD, what I have find on this journey, I plan on having a lot of fun; going to all the places I can, meeting as many people as possible, then sharing with you some of the best that I find, and maybe some of the worst…. But, that’s part of the fun!

The Gorilla at the Safari Motel, Behave on this Boardwalk Fager's Island ATM Booth, Ocean City MD

Ocean City MD Webcams and TV, BUT, I do not want this page to be just about me and my journey, I want this, and the Ocean City MD pages to follow to ring true for all that live and visit here. Let me know what you would like to share, or for me to research and share about…

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Ocean City Government Webcams | Boardwalk Cam

Ocean City Live Webcams (17 Cams) | OceanCity.tv

Ocean City MD Off-Season

Well, I arrived here in January 2014, actually recycled, as I lived here in the 70’s and the 90’s, and what a difference a few days make…. I’m going to be compiling of list of what is open during the off-season to help you find places to dine, have a drink, play a game of pool, and whatever else I can find. And, a list of the places to stay, as I came here and the online websites did not have nearly all the places to stay, and the one’s they did have where fairly expensive. I mean $75 and up during off-season, ok, I understand they have overhead, but please, what they make during the season… Fenwick Inn Ocean City MD | Hotel MotelNow the least expensive place from the online services, and you know their names, was the Fenwick Inn at $45/night, or with the FREE breakfast at $49/night (Ummm FREE?). They have all the amenities, pool, whirlpool, dining room on the roof, game room for the kids. And, the personal were very accomadating, they helped me out as I got there at 7:00 am and check in is at 4:00pm, they held my bags for me and then let me check in at 1:00pm . The rooms were mostly empty, but they do have their policies, so who am I to argue, I was happy they held my bags while I went checking out the town. Overall, I’ll give the folks two thumbs up, you can check them out – Fenwick Inn The Burgundy Inn Ocean City MD | Hotel Motel Onward, as I am looking for a permanent residence, I went looking for a week to week establishment, found this quaint little place called The Burgundy Inn on 13th Street and N. Philadelphia, $140/week stripped down, $180 with stove top, fridge and microwave, so I opted for the upper one to save some money on groceries versus eating out. Which I did a couple times anyway, got to get to know the locals and know where to recommend for you to stop in the off-season, but we’ll get to that. So, The Burgundy Inn is nice, as I said, quaint, two queens, pull out sofa, heat is good, clean, neighbors are pretty quiet, plenty of parking or the bus stop a block away on Baltimore St. I’ll give them a two thumbs up for what I was looking for, check them out at The Burgundy Inn.

Ocean City MD Off-Season and Open for Business

Now, lets take a look at some of the establishments that I have visited this off-season, and will be adding to them as I’m learning my way around, again >>> Click Here!

My Ocean City Cool Blogs

Since I first wrote this, and today, June 1st, 2015, a lot has happened, a lot has changed, learned a lot about what’s going on in this town, and I have changed the focus of what I’ll be blogging about.

You want to find cool stuff around Ocean City, well there are lots of cool sites to do that, let me know, I’ll help you find ’em if need be…  Look below, and share the links with your friends, you’ll most likely find what your looking for…

I have found, and have developed a passion, for photography.  Have you watched the sunrises and sunsets in this town?  Have you seen the 4 seasons come and go, and the colors and changes they bring?  How about all the cool Events going on around town, I never knew there were so many till I’d been here a year.  

As my time is limited, like you I only have 24 hours in a day, and between work and sleep it only leaves me a few hours left…

So, with that time I’m heading out to photograph, and take some videos, of all the cool stuff that’ here.  Secondly, per your many requests, I have been working with a couple well-known certified sites to bring you Posters, Prints, Framed Art, Throw Pillows, Tote Bags and more with my photographs on them.  Hope you will like them too, and will want to take home some of our beach with you..  You can check these out here!


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Ok, as I mentioned, there are a bunch of cool sites to find out what’s going on around Ocean City while you are here, to list a few keep reading…

Start out with the Ocean City Cool Pinterest page, this is where I aggregate as much as I can make time for, it’s not a bad list, but surely not comprehensive…  Click here for Pinterest page!

Next stop, grab your Half Off Deals for all kinds of cool stuff around Ocean City – Dining, Events, Amusements and more..  Click here, sign in and grab your today!  Many are good all season, but have purchase deadlines set by the businesses, so don’t wait!

Looking to move to town, need a job… OceanCityHelpWanted.com

The Town of Ocean City, Chamber of Commerce, et al, have set up some great websites for you…

OceanCity.com | Welcome to Ocean City | Visit Ocean City

Ocean City Guide | Ocean City Info | Ocean City Deals

Ocean City Visitor | Ocean City Boardwalk

Town of Ocean City Gov’t | OC Chamber of Commerce

We have Outlets too, check out… Tanger Outlets of OC, MD

Want the latest news from around Ocean City, check Channel 8 on your Comcast TV, or grab some of the great newspapers, booklets, pamphlets, maps and more that you’ll find at most of our local shops..

Ocean City Today | Ocean City Breaking News

And, don’t head to the beach with out your Surfing Report…

Swell Info Report | Surfline HD Cam & Surf Report