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What We Are Doing…

Primarily we, and I’m including all the cool folks that are fans of the Ocean City Cool Facebook page and the members of the Ocean City Cool Community on Facebook, are out taking photographs and videos of all the cool stuff going on…

We have our weekly photo challenges, and posts from our members sharing about what is going on around Ocean City, MD, the beaches of Delmarva, and, at times, other goings on around the East Coast of the good ol’ USA.

Where We’ll Be…

There are so many cool events going on, and though we can not be at all of them, we sure will be at some of the coolest. We’ll be behind the camera and/or camcorder sportin’ a Ocean City Cool shirt or, of course, one of the Official Event shirts.

As we can not be at all the cool events, we hope you’ll be sharing lots of pix and videos of the stuff you’re doing, please join us in our Ocean City Cool Community on Facebook and share, share and share some more!

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Ocean City Wildlife Project

The Ocean City Wildlife Project is in full swing and I’m out there taking photographs and videos every free moment I have. The goal of the Ocean City Wildlife Project is document all the wildlife in, and around, Ocean City, MD Lower Shore area and into Southern Delaware.

With the continued growth in population, condos and housing, and the businesses that come along with this growth, our lands are being used up, and not for the betterment of the wildlife population. This project will help us, and the organizations that we work with to learn how to better utilize the lands that are still available, and make plans for future growth.

Help us, please, by adding to the Project!

Share with us the photos and videos of the Ocean City, Lower Shore, and Southern Delaware area of all the wildlife that you find and are able to capture on film. Do we still call it film? Nonetheless, you have captured it, now share it…

Thank You!

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