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Photography Services and Pricing

Looking for photographic services around Ocean City Maryland?

I live in Ocean City MD all year round, my home is down here on the south side, so when I’m not helping you save your memories, you’ll find me on the beach, boardwalk and all the great spots for taking sunrise, sunset and wildlife photographs.

First Sunrise of 2015 | Ocean City Boardwalk Arch


I do have a passion for finding ways to make my photographs unique, like the photograph above, it was taken on January 1st 2015, and I’m sure similar photographs have been shot, but I was the only one at this spot at this time on this day.  Does that really mean anything?   Only if you like what you see, and if you do, let’s move on…

I provide many types of photographic services:

  • Personal Portraits
  • Business Portraits
  • Family Portraits – In home, on the beach at an event or party
  • Pet Portraits – Cats, Dogs, Exotic…
  • Still Portraits – Have a brochure you need to create and have a need specialized photographs
  • Real Estate – Looking to put your home or business on the market, let’s share the best side of your place.
  • Landscapes
  • Events – Family Reunions, Ballgames, Dinners, Receptions…  From bathing suits to black tie events!
  • Business Conferences & Trade Shows
  • And, am open to discussing any type of special project(s) you may need assistance with

Tug-Of-War at the Ocean City Family Olympics | Summer 2015

Photographic Services Pricing

My rates are simple, I charge a flat $80.00 per hour plus expenses, to take the photographs, with a minimum of 2 hours per agreement.  I will supply you the photographs on a Micro-SD card,  thumb drive or upload them to the site of your choice.

At this point you will need to decide which of the photographs you are interested in, you will then notify me, and I will process them as you desire, again, at $80.00 per hour, no minimum.

If you are then interested in me organizing and getting you prints, posters, framed, metallic, slideshow, or printed on shirts, pillow, duvets, etc., I can do this for you.  I work with a few firms to accomplish this aspect of our agreement, my  rates is $80.00 per hour plus 10% surcharge on the products.

The retainer for my services is a minimum of $160.00, this is paid in advance when we agree on a time and date.  This retainer is non-refundable!  Retainer for additional services will be discussed as we agree on what will be done.

If additional personnel are needed to accomplish the job, this will be discussed during our initial conversations, and the rate for these additional people will be $80.00 per hour.

Exceptio Ad Regulam – Sure, under certain circumstances, such as future business, time expectancies…

Print Pricing – Individual & Family

If you decide you would like for me to order your prints for you, I would be happy to and can usually get them done in 3 to 4 business days plus shipping time. Price List… Click Here!

Anything else we may need, we’ll talk and find a way to get it done for you!

So, before you paddle into the weeds…

Don't the oars go IN the water?

Let’s talk about what we can accomplish, you never know, we just might do something remarkable…

Ocean City Beach Patrol Crew Competition 2015

Check out more of my photos in my Google Albums…  Click Here!

Interior Design Projects

My portfolio of photographs & videos from around Ocean City are quite extensive and growing daily.

Are you looking to design a new home with a particular motif?  Do you have a business, hotel, conference center that you will like to to have flow from sunrise to sunset, from summer through autumn, winter, spring and back to summer again?

One room can be the birds of Ocean City, another the Seashells of Ocean City…  the trees, the beaches, boats, sports, holidays…

Walk from one side of your conference room all the way around, see each season as it develops, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination…  Let’s bring the beaches and waves into your home and office…

Check out just some of my photographs… Click Here!

NOTE: Please pass by the LPC Event Albums, these are Photo Contests I either enter or moderate, so they are photographs from many photographers.

Thank You!

I appreciate your investing your time to review my Photographic Services and Pricing, and I look forward to talking with you!


Robert J Banach Photography

  • 408 N Philadelphia Ave, Unit 901, Ocean City, MD 21842
  • Cell: 410.251.8239
  • Voice Mail: 410.921.0176

PS. Let’s have fun…

Twirling A Blue Moon