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Partner's Products and Servicesveryone needs to be able to navigate the digital world effectively and efficiently. What is important to know is that this digital world of ours is changing and growing every single day. We are all familiar with the computer, the smartphone and the various forms of tablets, but what about watches, glasses, the clothing that we will be wearing, every appliance, our cars, and just imagine what will be coming.   Best Seller
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Digital Education | Partner Product and Services

Partner Product and Service | Daily Marketing Coach

Daily Marketing Coach

Step by step online marketing training: Every step of the digital marketing process is covered; from acquiring a domain name, choosing a web hosting provider, setting up your blog and social media sites, attraction marketing, testing and tracking results, lead generation, etc. This training is comprehensive, with 9 Modules containing over 70 lessons, daily online marketing training sessions, online groups and forums for you to ask questions and help you stay accountable to your success, and much, much more. Learn more… Click Here!

Getting Started Online with WordPress | Marsha Godwin

Blogging Simplified

Everybody is blogging, blogging and blogging, but is there a method to getting your blog found? Absolutely! This ‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Recorded Course is a combination of recorded live webinars, recorded webinars, Skype coaching calls, Q&A webinars, weekly assignments, videos and Bonuses! This course will provide you the foundation for your online business: WordPress Blog, Compelling Offer, Autoresponder Set Up, Landing Page and more.
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Empowered Ambition Free Videos with Stacia Hopkins

The Beginner’s Guide To Video

People just love to watch videos; whether it is TV, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and the many other options that are currently available, and what is to come is only up to our imagination. Here is a free video that will help you learn about creating videos that will engage, inspire and leave your viewers begging for more, learn what video equipment is really necessary for the beginning video maker, and much more…
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Digital Resources | Partner Product Service

SPECIAL OFFER! Save 50%* on New Web Hosting Plans from GoDaddy! | Partner Products and Services

Domain Name and Web Hosting

There are many reasons to purchase your domain name; the first and foremost is that you do not want someone else putting something out in the digital world that has nothing to do with you, and even worse, is detrimental to you and your objectives. Other reasons for purchasing your own domain name are: branding, credibility and authority. A domain name can be set up for your own website through adding web hosting, or it can be used to redirect your website visitors to a blog service you may be using. Adding the web hosting gives you even more control of your website, and as the owner it only makes sense. Learn more at our partner’s site… – Click Here!

Email and Autoresponder Service

Do you have visitors to your blog and/or website that you would like the opportunity to thank for visiting and/or buying, or signing up for your Newsletter, or that you would like to send follow ups about the products/services/education/etc., and just do not have the time to follow up. Having an email / autoresponder program takes care of all that for you.
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HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard | Partner Products and Services

Social Media Dashboard

You share a lot of great stuff in the digital world, you want to see it reach all those you know will appreciate what you are sharing. With a Social Media Dashboard tool you can share to all your social media sites via this one tool. Schedule posts for today, for a holiday, for a business promotion, about a fundraiser or competition, the opportunities are endless and the time savings and efficiency make have a social media dashboard economical. Learn more about the Social Media Dashboard at… HootSuite – Click Here!