Ocean City Wildlife Project: Today and Tomorrow

Welcome to the Ocean City Wildlife Project: Today and Tomorrow, we are on a mission to document the wildlife of Ocean City and the the Lower Shore area.

We are in an area that is changing rapidly, and we want to assist in preserving the indigenous wildlife, and the wildlife that migrates through this area each and every year.

To begin this Project we need to know what these animals are, and we are looking for your assistance to continue this ongoing project.

You live here or visit and you bring your cameras, videocams and smartphones, and we want you to share your wildlife images with us.

Here’s what we need… images of any and all wildlife that you have the opportunity to capture around the beach, waterways, fields, swamps, your backyard rose garden and anywhere and everywhere.

**NOTE: There are NO age restrictions, don’t care if you gave your baby your phone and the lil one ‘accidentally’ took the most awesome pix of seagull, share it! Let’s give credit where credit is do…

Here’s what we need with the photographs and videos you submit to the Project:

1. Name of the Photographer
2. Date Photo / Video Taken, if known, hopefully at least month and year
3. Location Taken, at least a close proximity
4. Name of the Animal, if known, we will assist you with this
5. Name of Any Person in the Photo/Video, we need to have their permission to use their image
6. If photo/video has been posted online, link to the post. If the photo/video has been published or has been aired on television, name of publication/show and date of post or publication

We respect the rights of everyone that submits images and will be giving full credit, as well as applicable links to your work. We are treating this as a joint Project between you and your work, the contributors to the Project, and us. As a Team we will accomplish more, and greater things, hope you are looking forward to working with us as we are with you.

We are looking forward to more than you just sharing your work with us, we are also looking forward to your comments and suggestions, ideas and musings…

Please feel free to join us in our Ocean City Cool Wildlife Project Community on Facebook and share, ask questions get to know others helping out, or contact us at wildlifeproject@robertjbanach.com

You may, also, start sharing your photos and videos to the Ocean City Wildlife ProjectClick Here! and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Check out the pix and videos already entered into the ‘Ocean City Wildlife Project: Today and Tomorrow‘… Click Here!

Thank you in advance for all you do!

Robert J Banach
Robert J Banach Photography
Email: wildlifeproject@robertjbanach.com

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