Ocean City Anisoptera (Dragonflies)

Ocean City Anisoptera (Dragonflies)

What are Anisoptera, commonly known as Dragonflies

Dragonflies are one of the two Suborders of the Order Odonata.  The name Anisoptera comes from the Greek meaning ‘uneven wings’, as the hindwing is larger than the forewing.  Dragonflies have large multi-faceted eyes, long narrow bodies with transparent wings, in some species the wings may have transparent colored patches.  There is believed to be over 3,000 species, and the history of the dragonfly, from fossils, is over 325 million years old.

Blue Darter | Ocean City Odonata

Scientific Classification (Taxonomy) of Dragonflies

Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum: Arthropoda >> Class: Insecta > Order: Odonata > Suborder: Anisoptera

How Many Species of Dragonflies Are There?

As of 2010 there were over 3,000 species identified around the world, most of these species are found in tropical areas.  The Order Anisoptera (Dragonfly) are divided into 3 Suborders and then into 10 Families.

How Many Species of Dragonflies in Maryland?

According to the Maryland Biodiversity Project there are currently, as of August 13, 2015, a total of 1,274 dragonfly species.

How Many Species of Dragonflies in Ocean City MD?

Currently the species list of Dragonflies in Worcester County MD is a total of 53, as of August 13, 2015.  The current list of dragonfly species in Ocean City MD begins here…

Halloween Pennant | Ocean City Odonata Seaside Dragonlet (Erythrodiplax berenice)
Halloween Pennant
(Celithemis eponina)
Seaside Dragonlet
(Erythrodiplax berenice)

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