Summer Azure Butterfly (Celastrina neglecta)

Summer Azure Butterfly (Celastrina neglecta)

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum: Arthropoda >> Class: Insecta >> Order: Lepidoptera >> Family: Lycaenidae >> Genus: Celastrina >> Species: C neglecta

Binomial Name: Celastrina neglecta

Conservation Status: Not evaluated (IUCN 3.1)

Summer Azure Butterfly (Celastrina neglecta)

Female Summer Azure Butterfly (Celastrina neglecta)

Photographer: Robert J Banach
Date: June 17, 2015
Location: Berlin, MD

Facts About The Summer Azure Butterfly

  • Males of the species have powder blue upper wings, whereas females are white
  • The Wingspan is 0.93 – 1.125 inches (2.4 – 2.9 cm)
  • Lifespan is one flight, from June to October
  • You will find them in the eastern and central United States and southern Canada
  • The caterpillars eat flowers, while the adults subsist on the flower nectar

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