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Ocean City Beetles (Coleoptera)

Beetles are of the Order Coleoptera, they have four wings the first pair being thickened or hardened.  The outer, visible (while at rest) pair of wings are usually as long as abdomen protecting second pair of wings that are membranous. The abdomen of the Coleoptera are without forceps,
Order Coleoptera – Beetles


Seedcorn Beetle (Stenolophus ochropezus)

Insects (Insecta) » Beetles (Coleoptera) » Ground and Water Beetles (Adephaga) » Ground Beetles (Carabidae) » Harpalinae » Harpalitae » Harpalini » Stenolophina » Seedcorn Beetles (Stenolophus) » subgenus Stenolophus » Stenolophus ochropezus

– Photographer: Robert J Banach
– Date: July 22, 2015
– Location: Ocean Pines, Ocean City, MD USA

Seedcorn Beetle (Stenolophus ochropezus) | Ocean City Insects

Seedcorn Beetle (Stenolophus ochropezus) | Ocean City BeetlesLearn more about the Seedcorn Beetle…

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Argus Tortoise Beetle (Endopterygota Coleoptera Chelymorpha cassidea)

Insects (Insecta) » Beetles (Coleoptera) » Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles (Polyphaga) » Long-horned and Leaf Beetles (Chrysomeloidea) » Leaf Beetles (Chrysomelidae) » Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines (Cassidinae) » Mesomphaliini » Chelymorpha » Argus Tortoise Beetle (Chelymorpha cassidea)

– Photographer: Robert J Banach
– Date: June 22, 2015
– Location: Northside Park, Ocean City, MD USA

Argus Tortoise Beetle (Endopterygota Coleoptera Chelymorpha cassidea) | Ocean City Beetles

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