Ocean City Owls (Strigiformes)

Ocean City Owls (Strigiformes)

Welcome to the Ocean City Owls (Strigiformes) page, here we will document through photographs and videos the animals of the Class Strigiformes we have found around the Ocean City Maryland USA area…

What Are Owls?

 Owls, animals of the Scientific Classification Order Strigiformes, are of two types, the True Owls and the Barn Owls, of which there are about 200 different species throughout most of our planet.  They are solitary birds that are mostly nocturnal birds of prey, with the exception of the Burrowing Owl and the Northern Hawk Owl.

Owls are known for their binocular like vision, their ability to localize sounds (binaural hearing) and their silent flight.

Eastern Screech Owl | Ocean City Owls

Scientific Classification (Taxonomy) of Owls

 Kingdom: Animalia >> Phylum:  Chordata >> Class: Aves >> Clade: Afroaves >> Order: Strigiformes

How Many Species Are There?

 There are about 200 species of owls around the world, except for on Antarctica and some remote islands.  Owls are divided into two families, the Strigidae, the true owls or typical owls, and the Tytonidae, the barn owls.  There were four additional species identified only through their fossilized remains.

How Many Species Of Maryland Owls Are There?

 According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Owls page there are 8 species of owls that can be found throughout Maryland, one Barn Owl and 7 True Owls.  Of which only 4 are regular residents, 2 migrate through and 2 of which have not been seen here in many years.

How Many Species of Ocean City Owls Are There?

 To date we have only identified one species of owl in the Ocean City MD area, and that is only thanks to the Salisbury Zoo who brought the owl to Sundaes in the Park at Northside Park [Map].  As I was fortunate to be attending on the evening they brought the owl to the park I was able to talk with one of the Zoo’s representatives.  The owl is known to be found in the Ocean City area, so I guess I’m not spending enough nights outdoors…

List Of Ocean City Owls

Eastern Screech Owl giving the eye

 Eastern Screech Owl
(Megascops asio)

Fun Facts About Owls

  •  Owls are birds of prey, known as raptors, birds with sharp beaks and sharp claws (talons)
  • Most owls do not migrate, staying in one area year-round
  • Owls have very large eyes that do NOT move in their sockets, you and I can roll our eyes, not so with owls
  • Owls ears are asymmetrical, one is higher on the head than the other, this causes sounds to reach the owl at different times assisting the owl in locating its prey
  • Owls do not, generally, build their own nests, looking for nests that have been left by other birds or in tree cavities

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