Ocean City Animals and Fauna

Ocean City Maryland is home to many species of wildlife, and many more as the seasons pass by each year. From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean we encounter passing white marlins, dolphins, jellyfish, and seals. From the sky we have many of the common birds, sparrows, seagulls (lots of seagulls), mockingbirds, ducks galore and more. In the bays, coves and inlets we have our maryland crabs, horseshoe crabs, many varieties of fish. Then in between wildlife abounds, from all types of humans (that’s another project) and our pets, foxes and deer, creepies and crawlies, moths and butterflies, bees and fleas…

Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina) | Ocean City Odonata

First, Where is Ocean City Maryland?

Ocean City Maryland is located on the eastern most part of the state of Maryland in Worcester County. It is part of the Fenwick Island Spit in the Delmarva area (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia), in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Ocean City Inlet and the Commonwealth of Virginia to the south, the state of Delaware to the north and Assawoman Bay and Isle of Wight Bay to the west. Though there is more to Ocean City across the Harry W. Kelley Memorial Bridge (Rt 50), we are primarily looking at the area that is the peninsula and it’s surrounding waterways.

Map of Maryland | Worcester County highlighted | Ocean City starred Ocean City MD Zip Codes 21842 21843 and Surrounding Area

Ocean City Animals / Fauna

What is “fauna”? Per Wikipedia the word fauna means ‘the animal life of a particular region or time’. The region I have explained above and we are calling the Ocean City area of the Fenwick Spit, the time is now, this project started in 2014 and will continue as long as there are some fauna left here in Ocean City.

As the Town of Ocean City continues to allow the building, or shall I say the overbuilding, of residences and businesses the number and types of Ocean City Fauna will continue to decline.

With your assistance (see form below) we will do our best to catalogue as much of the wildlife we can find throughout the Ocean City MD area, primarily, secondarily the surrounding towns such as Fenwick Island, Assateague Island, Bishopville, MD. We will do our best to continue to update and record sightings of the various species while they are here, and note the lack of sightings as well when they become significant.

Below are the categories that we use here for the Ocean City Wildlife Project, though some categories are actually sub-categories, for ease of locating particular wildlife we given them their own starting point here.

Ocean City Animals and Fauna Categories

Amphibians | Ocean City Animals and FaunaArachnids | Spiders | Ocean City Animals and FaunaFenwick Island Snow Geese Have Arrived | Ocean City Animals and Fauna
Crustaceans and CarcinologyTuna Weighing at White Marlin Open 2014 | Ocean City Animals and FaunaBumblebee | Insects | Ocean City Animals and Fauna
Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) | Ocean City JellyfishLepidoptera | Moths & Butterflies | Ocean City Animals and FaunaMammals Land | Ocean City Animals and Fauna
Jellyfish (Scyphozoa)LepidopteraMammals Land
Seal Sighting on December 7, 2014 | Ocean City Marine MammalsOdonata | Dragonflies & Damselflies | Ocean City Animals and FaunaPainted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) | Ocean City Reptiles
Mammals MarineOdonataReptilia
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Add Your Photos of Ocean City Animals

This is a project I’d hate to do alone, thus, please, share your photographs and videos of Ocean City Animals, full credit and a link back to any blog, video or article you submit, will be given.

See Photo Submission Guidelines, let’s do it right!

We appreciate your hard work, and will do our part to protect your copyrights.

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