Meet The Team

By: Robert J Banach Robert J Banach | Leadership Insights | 12/24/13

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Meet The Team

Why A Team?

To build any level of success in any type of business; online, brick and mortar, or professional, it takes teamwork. Each person on the team will have their area of expertise. Generalized knowledge is great if you want to be a Jeopardy champ, but to gain real success one needs to be an expert in the niche that you are targeting. So, if you want to learn the best way to build online marketing strategy team, read on…

How To Build An Online Marketing and Strategy Team - Classroom Training | Meet The Team

Best Way To Build An Online Marketing and Strategy Team

We have put together a team with areas of expertise in the major online niches; website development, attraction marketing, video creation, social media strategies, advertising, and more. Until you have built and developed your online marketing and strategy team, use ours…

Instead of searching the web for the magic solution to online success, we have put together a step-by-step training program so you may learn from certified coaches that have developed and proven their expertise in the niches that are important to you.

This is where you may get the education that is not even taught in your higher learning centers, yet! But, they will be teaching this, they have no choice, this where the future of marketing is headed, online. As more and more folks are watching videos, or have their Blue-Ray players and TiVo’s, not reading newspapers and only the occasional niche magazine, less radio and more iPod, the ability to reach consumers is online, whether computer, tablet, phone or the new devices we will be seeing.

Where will these centers of higher learning get the information they will teach?

They will turn to us, the ones on the front line, testing, experimenting and developing ways to market to the consumer via this media that is in everyone’s hands.

As you are not the first to look to these areas to start, or continue, your marketing development and strategies, and will not be the last, we are working diligently, each in our area of expertise, to bring to you the news, information and changes, that you will need to adapt to the challenges before you.

Meet The Team

Robert J Banach | Meet The TeamBob Banach | Marketing Strategies

Developing online marketing strategies; starting from website design, branding and lead capture, then to directing social media campaigns to attract visitors to, and interact with, your campaigns and website.

Ann Sieg, Author | Meet The TeamAnn Sieg | Author | Godmother of Attraction Marketing

Using unconventional, yet powerful online methods, Ann discovered how to attract prospects to her and was able to become the #1 international producer in her company in just 6 short months. Her business grew to $90,000 a month and she went on to earn her first million within 2 years.

Curt Johnson, Director of Coaching | Meet The TeamCurt Johnson | Director of Coaching

It was the power of the internet in its infancy that assisted MLM Coach Curt in becoming the #1 Team Builder and #2 Enroller of an mlm marketing company of almost 100,000 representatives 10 years ago. Since then MLM Coach Curt has been empowering those in mlm with Attraction Marketing for many years with online strategies.

Marsha Godwin | Meet The TeamMarsha Godwin | Creator of Blogging Simplified
A Corporate Executive for a Fortune 100 Company for over 12 years. She has a successful background in: Sales – Sales Management – National Accounts – Marketing. She earned a BA at Florida State University and an EMBA at Georgia State University.

Stacia Hopkins, Video Marketing Trainer | Meet The TeamStacia Hopkins | Video Marketing Trainer
Graduated in December ’08 with a Bachelor of Science in Music and a minor in Philosophy.I’m here to be a mentor to you in your journey through internet marketing. I love teaching others in minutes what took me months to figure out. Seeing you succeed brings me more joy than any check in the mail.

These are just of few of the folks that will be helping you achieve your business goals, there are more that you will meet as you progress through our online development training…

Build A Marketing Strategy Team

If you want online success it takes connecting with the right people, connect now and learn online marketing strategy development with our team… Click Here!


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