Let’s MATCH Up!

Let's MATCH Up! | Robert J Banach


What is
Let’s MATCH Up?

M is for Motivationis for Motivation, are you motivated?

The motivation we are talking about here is the type that will impel you to excel and to succeed. Your motivation begins from within you, self-motivation, that inner drive that gets you up in the morning, keeps you up late at night, that drives you through those nights where you get little sleep.

We all have different goals, and even those of us with similar goals, are still different. We each look at life through our own eyes, our own perspectives, our own day to day experiences, all combining to form a mindset that grows and changes within each of us every day.

Do you have control of your motivation, do you focus it to accomplishing what you desire in your life? At those times when it may be difficult to maintain your motivation, do you know how to get back to your motivated self, do you have the resources; the books, the people, the groups that will assist you?

Let’s MATCH and build on our motivation!

A is for Attitudeis for Attitude, do you have a positive, successful attitude?

Your attitude is your mindset, your belief in yourself and the things you want to accomplish.   The belief in your own intelligence, your own personality, your own talents, your own decision making processes…

When you have a positive, successful attitude you will accomplish more, be happier, more relaxed, and satisfied with your life.  You will be able to assist more people in attaining a similar attitude, mindset.

Let’s MATCH and strengthen your attitude!

T is for Teamworkis for Teamwork, do you know how to work with a team?

Nobody truly accomplishes a high level of success alone, people need people to accomplish more.  Steve Jobs had his Steve Wozniak, if not, Apple may never have become a reality, Warren Buffett has his Charlie Munger, if not, Berkshire-Hathaway may never have reached the status it has, all great people have surrounded themselves with other great people.

When there is harmony, similar goals, and talents that are cohesive towards accomplishing the primary focus of the team, all accomplish and become more.

Let’s MATCH and build the team!

C is for Clarityis for Clarity, are you clear on what your goals are?

Definiteness of purpose towards goals that you can see, smell, feel, taste and hear.  When you know your goals inside and out, every aspect, nuance, and significance, of your goals, then, and only then, will they become reality.

Clarity, also, means knowing what is happening and making adjustments.  The world changes, we change, we need to adapt, to become what it is we believe we can become.  We know where we are, each step of the way, we record and track our accomplishments, and occasionally our lack thereof, but track everything.  That is how we maintain our clarity, our focus.

Let’s MATCH and develop our clarity!

H is for Herois for Hero, are you becoming a hero to those that are important to you?

We are not talking finding a cure for cancer, or creating the next Google, we are talking about helping those we love, our families, our friends, the friends we will have.  We are talking about helping our favorite charities, helping feed and clothe the truly needy, supporting some Olympic athletes, helping someone start, and grow, a new business…

We are talking about being one of those every day heroes that are walking down the street everyday and that no one knows, but they are out there accomplishing amazing things, things that you may accomplish as well.

Let’s MATCH and become an every day kind of hero!


You are still reading, then we are a MATCH, congratulations and I look forward to going to the next step with you!


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